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Your Bitch
29 September 1987
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If you poke me,I will giggle.Now for some words Photographer.Philosopher. Fun-Loving.Rocker.Curious. Life. Average Joe.Anarchist. Wanderer.Camera fetishists.Writer.
Thats me,in as little words as possible.I have a love affair with my camera,and music is my aphrodisiac

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Whoever is responsible for this thing called Creation rigged the whole deal from the start. Life's a mad rush headtrip, and we gonna wake up in the afterworld with one mean hangover. Naked, next to someone we don't recognize. "Fuuuugghhhh.... wha happened!!?

Reality continues to ruin my life

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For my next trick I will
turn this water into funk

January 25, 2004

On humanity. Sometimes I imagine humanity as one giant being made up of smaller individual beings, like Voltron. And when the Forces of Evil start acting up, we all band together to form the Mighty People-Tron! Europe would be the torso. Africa would be the pelvis. The Middle East the heart. Asia would supply the gadgets and knickknacks. Russia can be the hat. And America will form the ego! Yes. Impressive figure, this Humanity-Bot. A shining gleaming champion of justice and liberty. Until, of course, you realize there are no forces of evil besides our own damn selves. So this majestic Humani-Tor is always at odds with himself, in-fighting, bickering, hating on himself. A big ol' Robo-Hamlet, holding up a skull, going, "What is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me." He's been to the moon. He split the atom. He's made cool stuff. And he's also done some pretty crappy things too. The bad boy of Mother Nature, the one with Holy Father issues. Maybe he'll learn to love himself someday. Maybe he'll tear down all the walls and weapons he's built and get his groove back, you know?
-Tatsuya Ishida

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